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Designing world-leading batteries to suit any application
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About us

We design lithium ion batteries, enabling cell manufacturers to take products to market faster. We combine 25 years of experience designing batteries. By integrating cell chemistry and engineering we can reduce the time to get to bespoke cell technology by up to 2 years.

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Ian is a mechanical engineer with a Ph.D. in battery thermal management from Imperial College London.

He has spent his whole career working on battery development, starting with cell research at Dyson to pack development at McMurtry automotive. Prior to founding Beacon, he was Head of Cell Design at Britishvolt responsible for all aspects of cell design, linking materials, cell chemistry, mechanical design and engineering

Sam is a chemist with a Ph.D. in materials chemistry from University College London. He has spent over a decade working on the industrialisation of Lithium-ion cell technology. He worked initially on cathode material development and scale-up at Johnson Matthey. After which he moved to Dyson and focussed on the industrialisation of solid-state cells. Prior to founding Beacon , he built and ran cell design and development programmes at Britishvolt. 


What do we do?

We combine chemistry development, mechanical design, and cell engineering to design and develop cutting edge cells for automotive and grid storage applications.

We prototype, test, and validate these designs to produce fully validated products ready for mass manufacturing

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We are developing cobalt-free prismatic cells for automotive and grid storage


Low Cost

High safety

Long lifetime

450+ Wh/l

190+ Wh/kg

We are also working on other cell formats and chemistries - contact us to find out more

Our approach

We start from a cell spec sheet and deliver products to start of production

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Digital Network

Supplier Network


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Machine suppliers

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Factory design

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